Pest control service in pharmaceutical factories

مكافحة الأفات في مصانع الأدوية

Pest control service in pharmaceutical factories

The problems of insects and rodents in pharmaceutical and cosmetics factories are considered one of the most serious problems because pests are considered one of the most dangerous transmitters of diseases. Some pests, such as flies, transmit more than 100 types of disease-causing bacteria. at the same time, cockroaches transmit more than 50 types of disease-causing bacteria.

Some pests cause significant damage to products and incalculable material losses, such as mice, so pharmaceutical companies and factories, cosmetics, and pharmacies resort to the most experienced pest control company (Orkin) with more than 120 years of experience in pest control, and the largest factories in Egypt depend on Orkin to get rid of insect and rodent problems


How to control insects and rodents in pharmaceutical factories


The pharmaceutical industry process is one of the most sensitive processes, so the control company must resort to reducing the chemicals used and using practical methods of control, so the IPM system is considered the appropriate system for control in pharmaceutical factories, and the system depends on reducing chemicals and preserving the environment as well, and it consists of 4 primary stages:-


Biological control:


It is considered one of the first steps that can be used, but it is the least used in the manufacture, because it depends on the use of the largest predator of the insect present, such as the cat for the mouse, and therefore Orkin resorts to the second step directly


Behavioral/cultural control


This method is based on eliminating the causes of pests in the facility in the first place, such as (safe disposal of garbage - cleaning methods - reducing waste and waste in the industrial process ... etc.), which contributes to reducing the life sources of pests (water - food - shelter - temperature)


Physical control


This method aims to eliminate internal pests, and prevent external pests from entering, represented in (traps - barriers ... etc.)


Chemical control


By (baits - pesticides - repellents) are used, and they are used in Orkin with globally defined standards, not to affect the environment, and to achieve immediate extermination of pests

Application of the IPM system in the facility


It is applied through 3 basic steps:-


Evaluation: evaluating the facility and determining the appropriate control method

Application: The application of the control method according to the needs of the facility

Monitoring: monitoring pest activity, and adjusting the control method according to the results









Why Orkin?


  • Orkin experience since 1901
  • Covering all of Egypt, and has +900 branches in more than 70 countries
  • Pest emergency services in case of an insect or rodent appearing 24/7
  • An integrated monitoring system, and detailed reports to follow up on the control process
  • It provides Disinfection services to prevent infection,
  • Offer a tailored service for your business


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