Anobium control, and the best ways to treat Anobium

مكافحة سوس الخشب

Anobium control, and the best ways to treat Anobium

Anobium is one of the most dangerous insects that may infect any commercial or industrial facility, cause financial losses, in addition to a negative impact on the reputation of the facility. so that you have to control Anobium immediately.


What is the Anobium?


It is one of the two-winged insects that move easily between wood, and therefore it is one of the most dangerous pests, and it lives in wet areas and lays its eggs inside the wood

 Some people also call them wood beetles, and they do not harm humans directly but cause enormous damage to the surrounding furniture and wood


Types of Anobium?


There are many types of Anobium, including (Amborcia Anobium - Lyctus Anobium - Boring Anobium - Fan-bearing Anobium - Digger bark Anobium - Large-horned Anobium )


Signs of Anobium


The presence of Anobium inside the facility is identified by the presence of holes or sawdust on the wood


The best ways to treat Anobium


1- Infected wood is immediately separated from healthy wood

2 - All pests need sources of life (water - humidity and temperature - food - shelter) so they must be separated immediately

3 - Exposing the affected wood to the sun

4 - Seal the holes in the wood

5- Contact Orkin Company immediately to Control wood mites









Why Orkin is the best Anobium control company


1- Experience since 1901 in pest control

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