The best mosquito control methods, and why Orkin is the best mosquito control company

مكافحة البعوض

The best mosquito control methods, and why Orkin is the best mosquito control company

Mosquitoes are considered one of the most dangerous pests in the world for several reasons, including that they feed on blood and transmit the most dangerous and deadly diseases in the world such as malaria and Zika virus, and it is one of the annoying pests that threaten any facility, so mosquitoes must be combated at their first appearance.


Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, and the greatest harm from mosquitoes


Mosquitoes transmit many diseases, including:

-West Nile virus

-Eastern encephalomyelitis virus

-Saint Louis encephalitis virus

-cerebral lacrosse virus

-High altitude virus J

-Chikungunya virus

-Yellow fever

-Dengue fever,

-ilhus virus


-Japanese encephalitis

-Zika virus

-Honorary Bancroftia


-rift valley fever

-And many other diseases


Mosquito control methods, and how to exterminate mosquitoes through the IPM system


Mosquito Control is based on the IPM system through 4 basic steps, in order:


Biological control

In this method, it depends on the presence of the largest predator such as (frogs - geckos ... etc.), and it is considered one of the least used methods, especially in commercial and industrial Facilities.


Behavioral control

It depends on modifying the behaviors that cause the presence of mosquitoes in the first place (water - food - shelter - temperature, and humidity).


Physical control

It is through the use of traps that Kill mosquitoes, in addition to barriers that prevent mosquitoes from entering the facility.


Chemical control

This method relies on the use of pesticides and disinfectants in spraying and cleaning ponds and water basins that mosquitoes use as shelter.









Why Orkin is the best mosquito control company in Egypt


  • The company is considered the largest in the world with more than 900 branches in +70 countries
  • Comprehensive coverage for all of Egypt
  • Most Experienced Company - 120 Years of Experience - Since 1901
  • Uses pesticides licensed by the Ministry of Health and compatible with international standards - safe for the environment and humans
  • It is considered the best pest control company in terms of responding to customers
  • It works to prevent pests from entering the facility in the first place and not only exterminate insects and rodents inside the facility


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