Pigeon control service, from the best Pigeon control company in Egypt

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Pigeon control service, from the best Pigeon control company in Egypt

Pigeons are considered one of the most dangerous pests that attack factories and companies, threaten food safety and achieve quality in factories and companies. Pigeon control service is one of the most important additional services provided by Orkin Company. Orkin is considered one of the best pigeon control companies in Egypt, which is interested in achieving quality in factories and companies and helps more than 5000+ locations in Egypt only to achieve quality rules and standards!


Why do pigeons threaten food safety in your facility?


1- Dropping bird droppings on the production line, causing product Damage.

2 - Feathers falling from the Birds Might enter the manufacturing process

3 - Dead pigeons cause an unpleasant odor in addition to being attractive to different types of other pests

4- and more


How Orkin Controls pigeons in your facility?


There are many ways to Fight pigeons, and Orkin uses the IPM system in the control process by: -


1 - Biological control

2 - Behavioral control, which is by reducing waste food, and stagnant water

3 - Physical control (traps - nets .... etc.)

4 - Chemical control (baits - pesticides ..... etc.) not for Birds, Only other Pests


Why Orkin is the best bathroom control company in Egypt?


  • the largest Pest Control company in the world with 900+ in more than 70 countries.
  • Follows the latest methods of Pest control, and follows international standards for food safety and quality achievement.
  • Comprehensive coverage for all of Egypt.
  • Service engineers with the highest level of training and professionalism.
  • Fast and safe service for your facility and your employees.
  • A detailed control plan for each commercial or industrial Facility, so Orkin creates a customized control plan for each Facility separately (company - factory - hospital - restaurant - hotel ... etc.).









Other types of pests that Orkin Controls.


Orkin is an integrated Insect and rodent control company and Controls all pests In commercial and industrial facilities


1 - Control Of Rodents (Control Of Mice - control of other rodents ...)

2 - Control Of Black Ants

3- Termite Control

4 - Fighting Bed Bugs

5 - Cockroach Control

6 - Fighting Flies

7 - Control Of Mosquito

8 - Fighting Spiders

9 - Fighting Flying Insects and getting rid of other insects

10 - Fighting Crawling Insects


How to contact the best pest control company


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