The best and safe ways to exterminate insects in Egypt - Orkin Egypt

طرق ابادة حشرات آمنة فى مصر

The best and safe ways to exterminate insects in Egypt - Orkin Egypt

One of the biggest common mistakes is that the only way to exterminate insects in Egypt is through pesticide spraying companies only, but there are easier ways, less dangerous, and less expensive ways, and therefore Orkin Egypt is the best extermination company in Egypt, here are some Basic methods of extermination of insects


There are 4 primary methods of extermination according to the international standard IPM in Pest extermination, and they are: -


1- Biological control of insects and rodents


 It is considered one of the least used methods, especially in facilities open to customers, such as restaurants and supermarkets, and the method is to provide the natural predator of the pest (such as cats or mice)


2 - Behavioral control


 It is considered one of the most important and first methods of pest extermination because it is the main reason for the presence of pests in the first place, such as: -

how to maintain the cleanliness of the facility.

Determining the method of safe disposal of garbage from the behavior of employees.


3 - Physical extermination of pests


Like (blocking cracks and burrows - Traps .... etc.) and all the factors affecting the presence of pests in the first place


4 - Chemical pest control


It is the spraying of insect repellents, pesticides, and baits. Orkin is the best insect spray company in Egypt because the chemicals are sprayed in certain proportions, especially since they are the best and safe pesticides made by us.


The danger of the presence of insects and pests in your commercial or industrial establishment.


  • First Of all the physical dangers of damage to products and insects are one of the most dangerous sources of transmission of infection, bacteria, and germs.


  • Some pests such as flies transmit more than 100 types of diseases, cockroaches transmit more than 50 types of diseases, and many more…. etc., in addition to the damage to the company's reputation


  • the improper general appearance of your company and the presence of pests in it.









Why is Orkin Egypt considered the best pest extermination company?


 1 - Experience since 1901, more than 120 years.

2 - Company, and we have more than 900 branches in +70 countries worldwide.

3 - We cover all of Egypt, and we have more than 2 million clients worldwide.

4 - We rely on more than one method of control and resort to chemicals when needed.

5- Safe service for you, your employees, and your customers.

6 - A quick service to exterminate cockroaches and provides other services such as Disinfection and emergency services


With pests in the place, the environment will not be healthy and safe for you, your employees, or your customers because they carry germs and spread diseases.


Why is Orkin considered the best for the prices of pest extermination companies?!


  • Pest Control Companies’ prices depend on the service provided and the number of chemicals used and wasted.
  • But Orkin depends on reducing chemicals in exchange for eliminating the main causes of pests and insects entering the facility, so we reduce the cost of chemicals and ensure that insects and rodents do not return to the facility.
  • using the least harmful methods To the environment and the most effective, therefore Orkin is considered the best extermination company in Egypt, and the most efficient.


Learn more about ((Pest Control Service & Disinfection service )) for your facility now and get rid of pests and insects, and ensure that they do not return to the facility again.


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