Flea control service

خدمة مكافحة البراغيث

Flea control service

Fleas are one of the most dangerous insects that can attack any facility and may threaten to close down commercial or industrial facilities. and fines, and the bad reputation of the facility. Therefore, fleas must be fought immediately and prevented before they appear. Orkin is one of the best flea control companies in Egypt, because of Its experience in the field, and its use of the IPM system in the control is also considered the largest flea control company in the world.


The reason for the presence of fleas in the facilities.


Fleas depend on mammals and living Creatures for food, (humans - birds - animals .... etc.), and may also be transmitted from other pests such as mice, and their length is from 0.1: 1 cm and they feed on blood.


Flea damage.


  • Transmission of dangerous diseases and blood diseases, because they feed on blood
  • Intense itching of the skin
  • cause pain
  • Redness and swelling of the skin
  • spread quickly


How to Control fleas in Orkin company and the IPM system?


1 - Biological control

2 - behavioral control

3- Physical control

4 - Chemical control









Why has Orkin considered the best flea control company in Egypt?


1- Experience from 1901 in pest control.

2 - The largest Pest control company in the world with +900 in more than 70 countries.

3 - Comprehensive coverage of all governorates of Egypt.

4 - It works with the best control system, the best equipment, and safe pesticides.

5 - Pest control engineers at the highest level of training and professionalism.

6- A follow-up system for visits (materials used - equipment used - time and dates of the visit and what was done in it ... etc.).

7- Controlling all Types of pests that threaten any commercial or industrial facility (rat extermination - the extermination of flies - cockroaches control - control of pigeons and birds ... etc.)

8 - Make a detailed control plan for each facility separately (hospital - hotel ... etc.)



A specialist from the Orkin team visits a free inspection of the facility, and accordingly, it will be a price quote


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