Information about bedbugs, and the best ways to treat bedbugs

معلومات عن حشره البق

Information about bedbugs, and the best ways to treat bedbugs

In order to know the best ways to treat bedbugs, you must learn the most essential information about bedbugs, the life of bedbugs, and their shape


What are Bedbugs?


Bed bugs are crawling insects and are considered one of the most dangerous insects that threaten any commercial facility, hotels, or hospitals, and they are among the insects that feed on blood during human sleep, and on the blood of animals, and they are warm-blooded and are one of the insects that are active at night and in the dark Biting is rarely felt


bug bug shape


The shape of bedbugs does not differ from one place to another, the average length is approximately 4 mm, and their color is yellow tends to dark brown, and this is a picture of bedbugs


bed bug life


A female bed bug lays about 200 eggs in its lifetime Its life cycle is from 2 to 3 months


Symptoms of bed bug bites


Often the bites are on the exposed parts of the body during sleep (face - neck - arms - hands).

The bite leads to the appearance of a red Circle that is darker in the middle of the place of the bite and the appearance of an itchy rash, or the appearance of blisters


Causes of bed bugs infestation, and how they are transmitted to the facility


  • Frequent travel and accommodation in infected hotels
  • Lack of constant cleaning
  • It is also transmitted through the clothes of a worker in the work facility
  • Moves through some bags
  • Transmitted through infected raw materials or products


Where do bedbugs hide?


Bed bugs usually hide in beds or mattresses, but there are some other places that may be infected, and they are not dealt with properly, including: -

(clothes - bags - covers - furniture - animals - rugs - peeling wall whites, and places close to the main place of infestation), thanks to resorting to specialized bed bug control companies in case of infestation


Diseases transmitted by bed bugs


Bed bugs rarely transmit diseases to humans, only skin rashes, and some minor infections, and hepatitis B disease is rarely transmitted.


What are the best ways to treat bedbugs, and how to expel bed bugs?


In order to treat bedbugs, several immediate measures must be taken, which are:

1- Separate the affected areas from the healthy ones

2- Wash the affected parts at a high temperature and dry them in the sun

3- Closing the cracks that may contain bedbugs, in order to expel bed bugs, and not provide them with shelter.

4 - Call Orkin Immediately









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